Dog Grooming Calgary

For many people, having a dog is a wonderful enhancement to their lives. There are many joys of pet ownership such as having your furry little friend wagging is little tail as you return home. That is why so many dog owners like to treat their pets to one of the Calgary Dos Spa's such as Shaggy 2 Chic.

As an Experienced, Certified Grooming provider, Shaggy 2 Chic offers the best quality in grooming products and shampoos in the Calgary area. Our services include:

- bathing treatment
- pawdicure
- face trim
- sani-trim
- paw & pad trim
- full body cut
- nail trim
- ear treatment
- dental treatment
- de shedding

To keep your dog in great shape and health!

Many of these dog grooming services are also available on a walk-in basis. Visit our Calgary Dog Spa and Grooming Treatment Page for full details.

The majority of our clientele comes from Calgary however we do get some from surrounding areas such: Varsity, Edgemont, Tuscany, Altadore.

Our mission is to help your dog be healthier and happier through a holistic approach to wellness.